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Dance Lessons

When planning a wedding, couples often spend countless hours perfecting every detail to ensure their big day is perfect. However, one important element that is often overlooked is the first dance. Many couples don't know how to dance or are too shy to take lessons together but taking a couple of private dance lessons and learning some basic dance moves can make your first dance as a married couple even more special. Fortunately, Danse L'Amour has the right first dance package for couples looking to create a wonderful memory while aweing their audience.
Slow Dance

When time is of the essence - choose our first dance e-course!

Time is rarely on our side. With work and wedding preparations, the right moment to learn your first dance always seems to be stuck in the future. However, now you can learn traditional ballroom dance styles or reinvent the classical in your own time. You just need to choose a virtual dance lesson!

With Danse L'Amour's virtual dance classes, you don't need to rush to your dance classes or try to find room in your busy schedule for an online Zoom dance lesson. You can simply acquire your package and start dancing when you have the time, the right mood, and the ideal ambiance.

Our online lessons allow you to learn at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed, self-conscious or stressed about getting everything perfect. Thanks to the mighty Internet, you can benefit from the experience and talent of our passionate dance instructors in the comfort of your home without having to meet them in real-time, and learn your wedding dance routine with just a handful of lessons.
Wedding Dance

Why choose Danse L'Amour's online dance lessons?

If you want to work with our dance instructors but don't live nearby, or you are shy beginners or simply too busy to attend Zoom lessons, Danse L'Amour comes to your aid with personalized online private lessons. You and your partner can learn your wedding dance without having to worry about the complicated puzzle of scheduling. And you no longer have to blush when your feet are not exactly in sync!

Our first dance e-course has been designed especially for busy people or partners looking to practice at home away from prying eyes. Furthermore, acquiring online dance classes allows you to revisit the videos whenever you feel you need to practice more and focus on your dance instructor's every move for an elegant dance that does your love justice.

How does our first dance e-course work?

Danse L'Amour's first dance e-course works like a charm. All you need to do is choose the best e-course package for you and let us know your choice. Our talented team will send you a wedding dance questionnaire meant to capture every detail that matters: the vision you have for your wedding dance, your personality, the favorite song that encapsulates your love, the emotions you want to exude, as well as the dance floor, and of course the wedding dress. Every detail matters when you're trying to create an unforgettable memory!

As soon as we receive your vision for your wedding dance, our dance instructors will choreograph a dance that resonates with every described detail and create the perfect e-course to allow you to improve your dance skills and learn your first dance when the time is right for you.

If you feel you can learn more from us or want a more detailed breakdown of your dance steps, you can always upgrade to a more complex e-course package that includes more dance video lessons. And the best part is that you can access your dance e-course whenever you want, even from your phone. You just need a little bit of space and a lot of determination!

First dance e-course packages

First dance e-course 

Package 1 - $300

Our basic first dance e-course includes video instructions of a choreographed dance:

  • One video that focuses on basic dance steps and discusses the key points of the routine

  • One video with the dance in all its splendor accompanied by music

Have fun! It's your wedding dance!

Taking dance lessons is more than a fun activity that helps you stand out at parties or a way for wedding couples to surprise their guests on their wedding day with a fabulous routine. A wedding dance choreography is a perfect reason to spend more time with your fiancé before the big day and build the foundation to sustain your marriage in the years to come. So why not give it a try with online classes and learn a beautiful wedding dance? They are perfect for absolute beginners too! You might just surprise yourself with how much you enjoy it.
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