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Your Guide to Online Wedding First Dance Lessons

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Sometimes, you just don’t want to leave the house. We get it! But you’d still love to have a beautifully choreographed first dance for your wedding.

Maybe you live in a rural area that makes a trip to the dance studio impossible, or you don’t have the room in your schedule to clear a couple of hours in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Or, maybe you love a date night in!

Whatever the case for you, there is another way to have a beautifully choreographed first dance without leaving the house: Virtual Wedding Dance Lessons!

What are virtual dance lessons, and how do they work?

Thanks to the mighty Internet, couples worldwide can now benefit from top dance instructors without having to meet in real-time and learn a wedding dance routine with just a handful of lessons.

Virtual first dance lesson packages are available at a range of prices. For example, if you’d like to learn a certain style with some key moves for your first dance, this is often available as a low-budget option. Or, if you want that personal touch, you can book personalized lessons either over Zoom or as a course, depending on your budget and schedule!

Time is rarely on our side. With work and wedding preparations, you may put off your first dance until you’re on the dance floor! When time is of the essence, a virtual dance lesson is your best bet!

Why should I take virtual dance lessons?

Virtual wedding dance lessons are great for busy couples. Maybe you’re working the night shift while he works the day shift, so when that rare date night comes around, there’s not exactly a lot of opportunity to head to the dance studio at a set time! You can do virtual dance lessons at any time, anywhere in the world, meaning you don’t have to live near a studio.

Virtual dance lessons also allow you to learn at your own pace. If you want to take a certain piece of choreography slowly to nail the technique, you can do that! Or, if you’re a fast learner ready to move on, you can do that, too!

And it’s all from the comfort of your living room. Just move the coffee table, pop the bubbly, and dance!

What are my options for virtual wedding first dance lessons?

Dance studios offer a range of options for different budgets and preferences! We’ll break down the offerings at our dance studio to help you decide which is right for you.

Wedding Dance e-Courses

Wedding Dance e-Courses are perfect for couples DREADING the ordeal but still want a jaw-dropping first dance moment.

Pro-Tip: You don’t have to have a DWTS-level first dance. You can learn the fundamental movements within a certain dance style, incorporate those into your dance, and still look INCREDIBLE.

The step-and-sway is out. Having some go-to moves that match your personality boosts your confidence on the floor and allows you to let go and have FUN instead of worrying about what you look like! And read the 6 tips for confidence on the dance floor HERE!

Wedding Dance e-Courses are available at $59, with four styles, including Salsa, Rumba, Hustle, and Foxy! At Danse L’Amour, you can add a private Zoom lesson with our professional instructors for just $99 per lesson!

Online Wedding Dance Lessons

Offered with varying degrees of customization and support, online wedding dance lessons are perfect for the couple that truly wants to learn at their own pace and on their own time. You’ll receive videos of your dance and a breakdown of key points. Danse L’Amour offers packages in the range of $300-900.

Personalized First Dance Courses

Personalized first dance courses are for couples who want a fully choreographed, customized, unique first dance. You’ll get a personalized routine designed for you, your partner, and your dress following an in-depth onboarding call.

Danse L’Amour offers personalized dance courses at $500-$1500, depending on the customization and support you need.

Will I still learn as much with virtual dance lessons?

Of course! Depending on the level of support you invest in, you’ll receive the same level of support and customization that you would receive in an in-person dance course. It’s important to note that you’ll need to take the initiative to practice on your own, but making it into a fun date night often makes dance practice one part of wedding planning you’ll look forward to!

How far in advance should I book online wedding first dance lessons?

While you certainly don’t want to be scrambling at the last second to learn a dance, you also don’t want to book more than a year in advance to retain what you’ve learned. The best timeline is around 8-12 weeks before your wedding. When you book your personalized first dance course, we deliver all materials in 4-6 weeks. So, you’ll want to book your lessons and give yourself 8-12 weeks after delivery to learn your dance!

How often should we practice our wedding first dance?

As often as possible! Time is of the essence for many couples, with the stress of wedding planning, work, and family.

That’s why we’d recommend creating a practice plan. An hour or two once or twice a week leading up to your wedding should be ample time to learn and perfect your dance.

And remember, you can practice anytime, anywhere! Got a few extra minutes waiting on dinner in the kitchen? Practice that move you didn’t quite get during your last practice session!

What if we are struggling to learn our dance alone?

No problem! Many dance studios are happy to offer extra support. At Danse L’Amour, we offer $99 Zoom sessions as an add-on for all virtual clients.

If you’re struggling, remember to focus on having fun! Take a moment to shake it out, move, do something else, and then try again later.

You CAN still have a jaw-dropping dance routine without ever setting foot in the dance studio. The power of the Internet makes this possible. You want your big moment, and we can help you do that!

Finish your big-day dance with confidence and finesse. Book a free consultation with us!



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