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Should You Take Wedding Dance Lessons? And, The Most Common Misconceptions!

Are you planning a wedding and wondering if you should take wedding dance lessons?

Wedding planning is stressful! Why would you want to add one more thing to your growing to-do list?

“Can’t we just wing it? A big choreographed number will take away the spontaneity of the moment!”

“It just doesn’t feel like “us.” We’re just not very theatrical, and our guests will probably be embarrassed for us with our dancing skills!”

“We just don’t have the time to worry about something as small as that with wedding planning, jobs, family, and everything else going on!”

We hear you! But we’re going to address the most common misconceptions we hear about first dance lessons – and why we think wedding first dance lessons are one of the best investments you can make for your big day – to help you decide if it’s the right investment for your wedding!

#1: “A choreographed first dance will make us look too rehearsed, and we won’t be able to show our personality.”

A choreographed first dance doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re calculating every move; it certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t be spontaneous.

Think of it this way: What if you could step on that dance floor with no worries about what you were going to do? With absolutely no fears of what people were thinking?

What if you had the tools to dance together, look amazing, AND be present with your new spouse?

This is what first dance choreography can provide!

When you know the moves you’re going to make, you’ll feel comfortable and confident with improvising and putting your own spin on the choreography.

Knowing what you’re going to do instead of resorting to the dreaded “step and sway” allows you to be fully in the present moment. You won’t be worried about how you look, what your guests are thinking, or what’s coming next. Choreography takes out the guesswork and allows the space for you to fully embrace this once-in-a-lifetime moment!

The first dance will set the tone for your entire reception. Bring your best to the floor, and your guests will follow suit!

#2: “We’re just not theatrical or musical. It doesn’t feel like us!”

We’ll let you in on something: Most couples come to us with this same worry!

While there is absolutely no problem with those who love theatrics, investing in first dance choreography does NOT automatically mean that you’re going to be recreating the final number from Dirty Dancing or spinning around the floor like professional ballroom dancers.

Most of our couples want to learn a simple dance with simple choreography and look great on the dance floor on their big day. That’s it!

And that’s what we founded Danse L’Amour on: Your Love Story in Rhythm. Dance can and should be for everybody!

Every couple is different. You don’t have to look like the viral couples on YouTube or TikTok to have a showstopping first dance that your guests will love. A great first dance instructor will make it their priority to help you feel like YOU during your first dance!

And the best part about it? The level of investment depends on the amount of choreography you want. We have packages starting at $59 for you to learn the fundamental moves of a dance style of your choice from the comfort of your home!

#3: “We don’t have the time to commit to dance lessons. Between work, family, and wedding planning, there’s no room left in the schedule to even go out on a date night!”

Wedding planning can be stressful. On top of the stresses of daily life, it can seem daunting to stack on another time commitment like first dance lessons. You may think your only option is hours a week of intense rehearsals reminiscent of your days in cheerleading or gymnastics!

But what if you looked forward to your lessons or dance practices? Whether you’re in-person once a week or opt for a virtual course you can complete on your own time, you can turn dance practice into date night!

We believe that love stories and dancing go hand in hand. I met my now husband when he was my professional ballroom dance partner. We’ve danced together many times, but my favorite dances are the ones we do in the kitchen while dinner is on the stove.

With a shift in perspective, this is how you can see your first dance lessons! You’re practicing for the biggest night of your lives, but you’re also spending time together as a couple.

We offer options for everyone, whether you want to learn from the comfort of home on your own time or to practice at the studio with us weekly.

Pro-Tip: If you opt for in-person lessons, you can also use a lesson or two to choreograph parent dances!

#5: “First dance lessons would be a waste. Why would we spend all of that time on just one dance?”

So, why spend all of that time on one dance?

But we want you to consider what else you can get from your first dance lessons.

As small as it may seem, dancing is an insecurity for many of us. How often have you sat on the sidelines and said, “Oh, no, I can’t dance! Everyone in the room would walk out if I started dancing. You guys go ahead!”

How many special moments have you missed out on from this insecurity? How often have you sat on the sidelines, watching everyone else and picturing yourself on the floor?

First dance lessons are an excellent opportunity to squash this insecurity once and for all.

Many of our couples reach back out to tell us how much they LOVE to dance now! They get on the floor at friends’ weddings, community events, and high school reunions and blow everyone away with their dancing skills!

Even better? Our couples use dance as an opportunity to bond together. Whether they continue to take dance lessons, they find themselves dancing together in the kitchen, in the grocery store parking lot, and the backyard at the family cookout.

First dance choreography doesn’t have to be for just one dance. The moves you learn here will be the dance that you dance for the rest of your lives together!

First dance lessons can be a journey in self-confidence and learning to put yourself out there and have fun! That sounds a lot more like “just one song” to us!

#6: “Our guests won’t remember our first dance. Is it worth all the time and effort for three minutes?”

Many couples look back on their wedding and wonder, “Why did we spend so much time and money on that?” Whether it’s wedding favors, an excessive amount of flowers, or expensive centerpieces, there’s always something that you may have spent way too much mental energy on, only to have a minimal payoff.

We’ve found over years of experience in the wedding industry that first dance lessons rarely, if ever, end up on this list for our couples.


Your first dance is arguably the most significant moment of your wedding day.

Of course, there’s the ceremony, your vows, and the speeches, but none compare to the first dance. All eyes are on you. While your ceremony may have been more formal and emotional, your first dance is your moment to show your personality and set the tone for the rest of the night.

And no, your guest won’t remember every move of your first dance. But let me ask you, what were your parents’ or grandparents’ first dance songs?

Every time that song comes on, don’t you think of them? Doesn’t that song remind you of their beautiful love story?

The same will be true of your first dance.

Your guests won’t keep the wedding favors.

They won’t remember what they had for dinner or what color the tablecloths were.

But whenever your first dance song comes on, your guests will think of you. They’ll remember how you made them feel. They’ll remember that they witnessed your love that night in perfect rhythm!

And it’s the same way for the rest of your lives.

You won’t remember the centerpieces. You’ll soon forget what color your tablecloths were, the bridesmaid flowers, or the groomsmen’s shoes, which seemed like such a big deal during wedding planning.

But you will never forget your first dance. You’ll immediately be transported right back to your wedding day when that song comes on!

Pro-Tip: Let your photographer know to prioritize photos for your choreographed first dance! Your first dance is the BEST way to show off that beautiful wedding dress!

So, should you take wedding dance lessons?

With all these benefits, why not take the opportunity to have a fantastic time with your spouse and create a memory that will last forever?

You can learn from the comfort of your home on your own time, or come and see us in the studio!



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