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Want to Take Your Wedding to the Next Level? Don't Forget This Showstopping Detail!

Your wedding day is full of incredible memories that will last a lifetime!

You'll cherish your wedding party, the wedding cake, your first kiss, and every part of this special occasion.

Among these, a very special moment occurs on the dance floor.

In the father-daughter dance and the first dance, all eyes are focused on the couple taking the floor.

Regardless of skill, these songs, and those minutes are priceless.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment that you and your wedding guests will remember for generations to come - but, that doesn’t come without a little planning and preparation!

Many engaged couples get so wrapped up in the SMALL details of their reception - flowers, place settings, and music - they forget about one BIG detail that sets the tone for the entire reception.

The first dance.

We’ve all seen it before - you’re waiting in anticipation for the newlyweds to arrive at the reception, and a palpable sense of excitement fills the room as they take the dance floor for the first time. The first chord of a romantic and personal song strikes and the couple joins hands.

All of this anticipation - only for the song to go on three minutes too long as the couple awkwardly sways back and forth.

The dreaded “step and sway.”

Your guests half-heartedly clap as the song ends as your DJ tries to save the moment.

But, there is one small step you can take to AVOID this awkward moment.

Remember, the First Dance sets the tone for the rest of the night.

You want to WOW your guests and create the moment that will fulfill your once-in-a-lifetime vision. There’s just one problem - you have little to no dance experience and have a bad case of stage fright! (Why would I want people looking at me?!?)

So, how can you overcome the dance floor jitters for your perfect memorable moment?

Personalized dance prep.

I know what you’re thinking - it’s been just a few years since your last gym meet, cheer practice, or ballet recital!

What if I told you that you DON’T have to be a professional to leave your guests with a showstopping, mind-blowing first dance?

At Danse L’Amour Dance Company, our classes are designed with beginners in mind. Even if you feel like you have two left feet, we promise that even after the introductory lesson with your dance teacher you'll feel more confident about your dance skills. In no time, you'll be hoping those wedding photographers get some footage of your smooth moves on the dance floor!

And the best part about it? We offer both in-person and VIRTUAL lessons, with options for every location + budget.

With Danse L'Amour's virtual dance classes, you don't need to rush to your dance classes or try to find room in your busy schedule for an online Zoom dance lesson. You can simply acquire your package and start dancing when you have the time, the right mood, and the ideal ambiance.

Our online lessons allow you to learn at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed, self-conscious or stressed about getting everything perfect. Thanks to the mighty Internet, you can benefit from the experience and talent of our passionate dance instructors in the comfort of your home without having to meet them in real-time, and learn your wedding dance routine with just a handful of lessons!

Not to mention, wedding dance lessons are the perfect date night for busy couples!

Take your wedding to the next level and Book Your Personalized Dance Lessons!



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