We teach a variety of styles of dance from around the world. Everyone is welcome and we have dance classes for all levels, whether you are a beginner dancer, a social dancer, a competitive hobby dancer, or even a dance professional we can help you along your dance journey.

Many newcomers come to us with a fear of dancing in public regardless of your choice of dance style our incredible instructors will help you reach your dance goals. 

In-Person or Virtual 

Anyone can receive the gift of dance and we try to make it as convenient as possible. We offer lessons in our dance studio. For those with difficult time schedules, we offer Zoom lessons. In either case, a professional instructor with an extensive background in dance will guide you step by step. 

Type of Dances We

Browse the 14 different types of dances we offer at Danse L'Amour.


Created in the Dominican Republic during the 1960s, this social dance is now practiced all over the world and continues to evolve with more steps and faster music.

If you want to do something a little extra special for your mother/son dance or father/daughter dance, we've got you! With our lesson packages, you can split the lessons however you want, so a lot of couples opt to spend one or two lessons on the parent dances. We will accommodate any scheduling needs you may have if your parents are coming in town and need to squeeze in lessons! We also offer Zoom lessons.

Parent Dances

Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi
Image by Maksym Kaharlytskyi
Image by mari lezhava
Image by mari lezhava
Prepare for your first dance with 45-minute private lessons! At Danse L'Amour, we are all about personalization, so we'll choreograph a first dance that fits all the nuances associated with your big day: your dress, the size of the dance floor, your song, band vs. dj, desired complexity, level of ability, and your personality as a couple!  


SURVIVAL PACKAGE - 5 private lessons - $475 ($95/session)
COMFORT PACKAGE - 10 private lessons - $899 ($89/session)
MASTERY PACKAGE - 15 private lessons - $1275 ($85/session)
SINGLE SESSIONS - a la carte style - $99/session

First Dance

Image by Jakob Owens
Image by Jakob Owens
We offer social dance lessons to anyone and everyone! This is perfect for couples attending weddings who really want to rock the dance floor, people who want a new hobby that keeps you active and makes you the coolest person in any room, etc. Our packages for ballroom dancing are the same as they are for first dances.

Social Dancing

Dancing Salsa