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6 Tips for Confidence on the Dance Floor - Even If You Have No Experience!

Whether you're a seasoned dancer or have never set foot on a dance floor, there's one thing we can all agree on: dance brings us together.

Partner dance brought me to the greatest love of my life! Now, I’ve created a company dedicated to helping you come together with your partner during a once-in-a-lifetime moment you’ll never forget: your first dance!

We know it can be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll be ready to take the floor for that special moment during your first dance as a couple. Here are our EXPERT tips for boosting your confidence on the floor, even if you're a beginner!

Choose a song + style that compliments your personality and attire.

The truth is, the music itself doesn't matter! You don't need to know how to dance to a specific song; while some songs will be more complicated than others, you can dance to any song. No matter the tempo or genre of music, it's all about keeping your body moving fluidly.

You’ll also need to keep in mind your dress style. Is your dress fitted or ballgown? What moves will you feel comfortable doing in the dress and shoes? Make sure to practice in that attire ahead of time and tune into your feelings. This practice will help you avoid any day-of surprises or potential wardrobe malfunctions!

With your first dance, you’ll also want to prioritize songs that are personal to YOU. A song you two sang in the car on your first date or danced to during your senior prom will have more meaning than something trendy.

Don't worry about the viral videos of the first dances! Don't compare yourself to them or worry about what your family and friends think about your capabilities as a dancer – the most important thing is you and your partner.

Find a great dance instructor!

If you’re new to dance, finding a teacher for your first dance is the best way to go. That said, if you are looking for a specific type of dance instructor (like ballroom), ensure that the teacher is qualified and experienced in that field. You want someone who will help you learn the basics of dancing and be able to teach them without being condescending or rude.

And the best part about it? Your partner will be right there with you! Your close relationship will make putting yourself out there easier than jumping into an unknown situation alone.

Can’t make it to in-person lessons? You can also take personalized, virtual dance lessons from the comfort of your home for the perfect date night in!

Practice as much as you can, whenever you can.

When you’re learning your first dance, it can be tempting to want to practice in front of loved ones! However, we strongly recommend keeping your dance practices private for now. The more time you spend practicing without an audience and any pressure on yourself, the better off you will be when the big day arrives.

Practicing at home is great because it gives you complete control over all aspects of your practice. You can use a mirror and video yourself to see exactly what movements work well together and which ones don't look good on camera! You can also try practicing with or without music—it's up to you!

Make a schedule for practicing leading up to your wedding – and make it a fun date night!

Leading up to the big day, you and your partner must schedule time to practice and work on your routine alone. This way, you won’t lose what you work on in between sessions with your instructor! You'll know how to feel confident when it's time for the big night.

And remember the small details - technique! Even if you have no experience dancing, there are some basics that many dancers learn early on because they are essential for all types of dancing: posture (standing up straight), turning techniques (how to turn), and footwork (gripping the floor with each step). Things like yoga, stretching, and barre exercise can help as well.

Focus on your partner, not on how it looks.

When you're learning how to move your feet & body, it's easy to focus on the small details too much and forget that you’re supposed to be having fun with your partner!

We often tell our couples to take a step back and think about the big picture: what does your entire body look like? How can you and your partner move as one unit instead of two individual parts?

Instead of watching your feet, look up at your partner and let the emotions guide your movements.

And don’t forget to embrace the moment. Take a look at all your guests enjoying your dance and recognize it as a moment you’ll never forget, regardless of missing a couple of steps!

Remember that confidence isn't something you inherently have – it's something you can learn.

Remember that confidence isn't something you inherently have. It's something you can adapt!

It’s easy to see those viral videos of showstopping first dances with beautiful, confident couples and think: “We could never look like them!”

The truth is, some of the best dances we’ve choreographed have been for people who have never set foot on a dance floor. Often, throughout our time together, our couples go through a profound personal transformation. This may be the first time in their life that they’re putting themselves out there!

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing a couple who was initially unsure if they were capable of a first dance stepping out onto that dance floor and having the best time showing off their moves to all of their loved ones.

The point isn’t to look like the couple in the viral video. It’s to look like you at your best and most confident! This is your wedding day – the uniqueness of your personality as a couple makes the moment.

We hope these tips will help you to feel more confident when you take to the dance floor — even if you have no experience. So put these tips into action, keep practicing, and soon enough, it'll be second nature!

Ready to book your in-person sessions with one of our expert instructors? Don’t wait until the last moment – book yours today!



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